Increase in the amount of Anime being produced


I thought it would be a good idea to start of my blog with a look at the actual Anime industry itself. I always find myself in my spare time browsing through ANN and Crunchyroll looking, for interesting topics on Anime and Manga. At the beginning of the year I found an interesting story on Crunchyroll by Scott Green showing the amount of anime being produced. According to this story the amount of anime being produced since 2010 has almost doubled. According to the graph created by ultimatemegax in 2010 around 125 anime shows were produced and that doesn’t even include anime films. This number has almost doubled, that’s a lot of anime being produced !


What I’m trying to say is, it’s no wonder a lot of people tend to stick to Popular anime they know and love. Names like Dragon Ball,Naruto,Gitama,Bleach etc. They know they will enjoy these series and they will stick to them. There’s just too much to sift through and for the average person they would rather stick to the bigger name they know than risk wasting what precious free time on a series they might not like.

I believe there is an Anime out there for everyone but there’s just too much to look through. For those of you Interested I’ve posted the link to the Crunchyroll’s story for you to have a look at.

Thank you Crunchyroll,Scott Green and ultimatemegax

@aicnanime @ultimatemegax

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