What makes an anime a “hidden anime gem”?

The world of anime is chock full of fantastic series and films, with fantastic characters, gripping storylines, stunning animation, and plenty more.  However, despite the vast amount of anime that is available to watch (see Renster’s entry below on just how many anime series have been made recently), only a few shows seem to garner any kind of attention from the general public, and fewer still become part of the lives of people who, well, generally “don’t watch much anime.”

There seems to be this idea that only some anime shows are watched by true “anime fans,” or “otaku,” or whatever you wish to call them.  Other anime become “mainstream” simply because they are viewed by many people who generally wouldn’t sit down after a long day and think, “Ooh, let’s watch another anime today.”  But are all shows that generally aren’t watched by these people automatically “hidden gems?”

Hidden gems perhaps could be anime which, even in the community, are generally not mentioned, despite that the fact that they are technically as good as many of the more populat anime shows (within or outside of the community).  And those will mostly likely be the shows which are most discussed on this blog.

Having said that, it is worth remembering that there are anime that are “nearly” mainstream, and that are quite well-known in the anime community, which definitely deserve a mention simply because they are worth watching by those outside of the community.  In fact, such anime may even attract people to the community itself.

Hello all, I am Enirahtak8, and when I have time, I will post entries about anime that I believe are worth talking about, and deserve to be watched by more people.  Just for a taster, though, I’ll give a quick shout-out to some of my favourite “obscure” anime:


“Nijuu Mensou no Musume”: A lovely mystery anime, at times comforting and at times surprisingly scary, this anime hints at themes seen in some other detective anime and manga.  However, with a strong heroine, a mysterious and beguiling hero, and some well-developed, charming side characters, this is one that should not be missed!


“Mouretsu Pirates”: While this sci-fi pirate anime has a lot of typical shoujo moments, it remains intriguing as well as charming, with some decent animation and likable characters.


“Bokurano” – I won’t dive too much into this one just now, as I suspect either Renster or I will discuss it in greater detail soon enough, but it is by far one of the most underrated anime I’ve watched.  I reckon this would be enjoyed by many people who enjoy unsettling, psychological, emotional stories.

Looking forward to seeing this blog develop (and become one of the best anime blogs on the internet, AHEM)!  😀  😀  Please give me constructive criticism in a comment if you so wish.  Until next time, ta ta for now!

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