About us

This is a collaborated blog shared between several anime fans who currently are or used to be members of Napier Anime Society. Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages in the links on the main menu 

Welcome to my domain. I am Therenster creator of this blog. This blog was created in the flames of my frustration, as I feel more is needed to be done to shed some light on the underdogs of the Anime and Manga world. This blog  is intended to help my fellow Anime fans find a Hidden Gem amongst the masses of mediocre Anime and Manga out there. We will be posting lots of fantastic Anime and Manga series that we think you will like, but which you probably never heard of. A lot of my fellow society members feel the same way and will be contributing with me on this blog. Please keep an eye out for them!

A little about ourselves

I am a fan of Anime and Manga but in no way do I think of myself as an expert. However, as I have been watching anime religiously for well over 11 years and reading the manga that goes along with a lot of these series I do have quite a lot to say. “Just because it’s not popular DOESN’T mean it’s bad” – Therenster

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