Will you be my Valentine ?

Just joking, I’m hoping I’m not the only one who despises Valentines day. Anyways since it’s Valentines I thought it might be a good idea to talk about a couple of lesser known or not as popular Romance Anime.

First on my list is 69d6d92c68c58654465f62c1c903d9911335213762_full.jpg

Series Information

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X)

Directed by: Ayumu Watanabe

Written by: Deko Akao

Studio: Hoods Entertainment

Anime based on the Manga of the same name.

Genre: This series is a strange mix of Romantic comedy, school story, slice of life and supernatural

Okay where do I begin with this one, ummmm lots of saliva swapping. This series is a bit on the weird side but it grows on you. So what makes this series weird you ask?  I shall explain. New student Mikoto Urabe transfers into a new class, has a weird sleeping pattern and laughs randomly from time to time, nothing majorly weird here. However,when main Protagonist Akira Tsubaki walks into the seemingly empty classroom in the evening to find Urabe sleeping on her desk, things get really weird. After waking her he stays behind after she leaves staring at a pool of drool left on her desk. He then dips his finger into this drool and tastes it.


That is a very good question!

That same night Akira has a strange dream in which Urabe is leading him by the hand through a strange town. Then a couple of weeks later Akira gets ill and passes out at school. Whilst recuperating Urabe visits him explaining she knows everything about the ‘Incident’. She then further explains he is suffering from withdrawal symptoms and was now addicted to her spit… It was at this moment the romance between these two slowly began to blossom. The question is will it survive High School life ?

So why should you watch this ?

This series has a great mix of comedy and romance spit shined to perfection. It portrays this young couples development from an addiction to spit into genuine true love. There is a high level of trust found between these two and the feelings these characters have for each other feel so genuine. Whilst I have to admit there were some really weird parts I feel as if the peculiarity of this series is what makes it stand out so much.

You can find this series at Crunchyroll.com

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